Questions To Ask Your Accountant When Buying A Business

The five most important questions you want to ask the seller before you buy a business using Accountant Woodbridge. If you are planning to purchase an existing business, one thing you must do is involve your accountant woodbridge in the decision. An experienced accountant at woodbridge can tell you much more than how to set up your books and pay your taxes. In fact, the advice he or she provides should determine whether you purchase the business or not at Accountant woodbridge. Your accountant at woodbridge will want to discuss many things and the following list of questions can get you started.

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1. Can I trust the financial records of the previous owner?
2. In your opinion, should I purchase this business?
3. Do I have the financial assets to operate this business successfully?
4. What should I think of the income projections the owner gave me?
5. Are the assets of the business properly priced?
6. Is the entire asking price of the business fair and justified?
7. What will I want to change about the business if I go ahead with the
8. Would I be better off starting my own similar business?
9. What type of business structure should I organize the business as?
10. What kind of financial projections can you help me with?