Starting a Business in Canada with Accountant at Brampton

Accountant Brampton

Accountant Brampton

Check List Of Documents For Business Taxes by Accountant in Brampton

Required documents Check List for new businesses starting in Brampton:

– Invoices (on purchases)
– Invoices (on sales)
– Utilities bills
– Automobile Expenses
– Bank statements
– Deposit Book
– Cancelled cheques
– Cell phone bills
– Insurance invoice
– Invoices (Equipment, Furniture, Computer, Motor Vehicle, Truck, Etc.)
– Closing papers (Legal paper for purchase of Business)
– Closing papers (Legal paper for purchase of Building)
– Rent (lease) paper
– Rent Invoice or Receipt
– Fuel receipts
– Repair & Maintenance receipts
– Meals receipts
– Tolls & permits receipts

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