IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting Using Accountants at Toronto

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting Using Accountants at Toronto

Accountants Toronto
Accountants Toronto

For filing IFTA fuel tax using accountants at Toronto, one will be required to file quarterly IFTA fuel tax returns with Toronto, to report your operations in each IFTA jurisdiction. The Ministry of Revenue will forward an IFTA fuel tax return at Toronto at least thirty days prior to the due date. Filing due dates are April 30th, July 31st, October 31st, and January 31st.

Once a person gets registered with Toronto IFTA fuel tax using services of accountants at Toronto the ministry of revenue will issue a single IFTA license for your fleet of vehicles. You will also receive two decals for each qualified motor vehicle in your fleet from IFTA fuel tax at Toronto. The license and the decals are valid for one year from January 1st through December 31st, and must be renewed each year with IFTA fuel tax using good accountants at Toronto.

In addition to carrying a photocopy of the license in each of your qualified motor vehicles you must affix the details in a visible location on each side of the cab, or you may be liable for a fine of $440 by IFTA fuel tax at Toronto. Fuel tax returns are to be filed on a quarterly basis. These would be guided by any of the good accountants at Toronto. So it is a wise idea to get the services of professional accountants at Toronto.

If you are transporting product for someone else then a contract agreement should detail which party, the owner of the vehicle or the carrier, is responsible for fuel tax reporting using professional accountants at Toronto. The party responsible for reporting should register under IFTA fuel tax at Toronto for which also one can use reputed accountants at Toronto.

To register under IFTA fuel tax at Toronto and to receive your IFTA license and details, one must submit a completed Application for IFTA Registration – IFTA 401 form and the required details fee payment to IFTA fuel tax at Toronto office by using good accountants at Toronto.

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