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1. Limited Liability. Number one reason why most people incorporate their businesses in Vaughan! Creditors are only able to seize assets of the company to settle outstanding debts. Your personal assets are protected.

2. Status. Your customers will view your business as larger and more prestigious.

3. Capital. If additional capital is required, a corporation in Vaughan is more attractive to those who have money to invest.

4. Tax Savings. Although there is more record keeping required, there are significant tax advantages such as a lower tax rate for corporation in Vaughan ON.

5. Estate Planning Benefits. Since the corporation in Vaughan is a separate “person” under the law it does not expire when the shareholders die. Significant estate planning benefits may exist to help your family.

Incorporating your business in Vaughan is a high-quality, efficient and cost-effective way by Corporate Accountant in Vaughan! Also understanding the responsibility and liability of shareholder is very important before incorporate a company. Please call Karn, Accountant in Vaughan for more information at 905-794-8283.