Taxes Accountant Woodbridge


A copy of last year’s return, including spouse’s return if not being processed together
Contact details if changed
2011 Notice of Assessment
Other years’ reassessments
Details of changes to your personal status such as dates of marriage, separation, divorce or widowed, births and deaths
Names of spouse & dependents
Note consenting to provide your income tax information to Elections Canada
Installment payments
Details of foreign property holdings (if any) including cost of property held
Contact details of financial planner & financial institution(s)

Universal child care benefit (RC62)
Employment income (T4)
Pension income (T4A, T4A(P), T4RIF, T4RSP)
US social security
Old age security (T4OAS)
Investment income (T5)
Income from trusts such as mutual fund investments (T3)
Income from employment insurance (T4E)
Income from partnerships (T5013)
Workers compensation/social assistance payments (T5007)
Details of the sale of securities such as stocks and bonds (eg. trading summary from your broker)
Details of real estate sales
Income from foreign investments
Spousal support payments received

RRSP contributions
Medical, dental, prescription drugs, nursing home expenses
Payments to a private health insurance plan
Charitable donations
Tuition fees/education amount (T2202A) for yourself or transferred from a dependent such as a child or grandchild
Interest paid on student loans
Professional dues, union dues
Public transit passes
Children’s participation in programs related to physical activity and arts
Interest on loans assumed to purchase investments
Safety deposit box fees
Professional consultant fees
Legal fees paid to establish child or spousal support or to enforce a pre-existing agreement
Legal fees paid to recover wages from your employer
Details of people you support and their medical status
Child care receipts (for camp, list dates attended)
Moving expenses if you moved 40km or closer to work or school
Property taxes or residential rent paid and to whom
Political contributions receipts
Disability tax credit claim form completed by authorized health practitioner (T2201)
Spousal support payments paid
Adoption expenses

Declaration of conditions of employment form (T2200)
Details of expenses not reimbursed by your employer including travel expenses (eg. parking, taxis, bus fare), supplies and salaries of assistants
Office rent if required as a condition of employment
Home office expenses if it is your principal workplace or used exclusively, on a regular or continuous basis for activities such as business-related meetings; include details of rent paid, repairs and maintenance costs, utilities and if you are a commissioned salesperson also property taxes and home insurance. Also indicate the total area of your home and the area used for your workspace.
If you are a commissioned sales-person, details supporting advertising expenses, promotion, meals and entertainment
Motor vehicle expenses

Total kilometers driven and kilometers driven just for work
Details of total expenses incurred for gas, maintenance and repairs, insurance, license and registration, loan interest and lease payments
New vehicle, purchase invoice/agreement

Total sales revenue for the year
Total expenses listed by category for the year
Capital assets acquired (eg. computers and peripherals, furniture and equipment)
Home office expenses – include details of rent paid or if you own your home, details of repairs and maintenance, utilities, property taxes, insurance, mortgage interest
Motor vehicle expenses

Address and number of units
Rental income by unit
Rental expenses by unit and by category of expense
Motor vehicle expenses
Partners’names, addresses and SINs
Legal fees